To educate means at the same time to communicate a teaching, to form sensitivity and judgment, to awaken the creative imagination. The true scientist is neither the one who knows nor the one who seeks, but the one who finds. The best disciples of a teacher are not those who repeat the lessons after him, but those to whom he aroused enthusiasm, strengthened their curiosity, developed their inner power to make them go their own ways. True freedom – for which a teacher trains his students – was only achieved when they became able to create. (Gaston Berger)

Seba Chi Educational Channel for Your Spiritual Evolution

-The Way to Yoursef;

– The Purpose of Your Life,

– Consciously Awakening,

– How to rise your Mindset and create your Reality,

– Motivational sessions to Self Love,

– Psychic Abilityes: what are they and how to awaken them;

– The Power of letting go

– Self Frogivness

– and a lot more other topics.

Ioana JibuActive Dreaming Courses

– The Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming

Adela Haru

– Conscious Sexuality

Female Creative Power

Self Love and Boobies

Alina Roman

Emotion Code & Body Code Healing

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