This is the true joy of life: to be used for a purpose whose greatness you recognize. To be a force of nature, and not a handful of earth disturbed by his troubles and claims, complaining that the world is not devoted to its happiness. I believe that my life belongs to the whole human community; I consider it a privilege to do for her all that is in my power, as long as I live. I want to be useful until the hour of death. The more I try, the more intensely I live. I enjoy life for her sake. For me it is not a candle, but a splendid torch that has been entrusted to me for a while and that I want to make shine as much as I can, before passing it on to future generations. (George Bernard Shaw)

The Spiritual Science Department was born out of the love of sharing advanced knowledge about the superior/ spiritual/ cosmic abilities and values ​​of man, society, the laws that govern nature and the Universe.

The department brings together higher emancipated spirits animated by this desire, thus creating a community, a center of cohesion and cooperation of high creative forces.

I would like my works to rise in public parks and gardens, for children to play over them as if they were played over stones and monuments born of the earth; no one to know who made them, but everyone to feel their necessity and friendship as something that is part of the soul of Nature. (Constantin Brâncuşi)

Spiritual Science Department’s Mission is to bring together, in a community, higly evolved souls who vibrate at superior spiritual values ​​and who have academic (theoretical and applied) interests and passion about advanced paradigms in science and spirituality.

The Department as part of Institute for Human and Community Development plays an active role in disseminating this knowledge in society in response to man’s desire to know the laws of the Universe, to understand man’s place and purpose as part of the greater whole of the evolution of life and the divine plans that govern it, and then to fulfill it these joints that it has in accordance with those laws and plans.

In this sense, the Department aims to be at the same time:

– a community of souls to help people generate positive change in the world through the evolution of consciousness;

– a school of high values ​​for spiritual emancipation,

– a communion of elite spirits,

– a platform for the emancipation of our world;

– a support structure for people and their creations in the field of spiritual science; to be able to put into practice the laws of nature and the universe for their worldly good but also for their spiritual evolution in accordance with the personal and collective divine plan;

– a platform for the promotion, accreditation, validation of people, methods, services and their products, as well as the support in other ways of their initiatives that generate good in the world, unity and global peace.

– a guiding torch of science and education, and of changing social paradigms towards the new higher horizons of perception of reality.