The real need of today’s society is the revolution of the spirit, which must show the individual an ideal superior to biological selfishness, which will make man feel his solidarity with all humanity, depicting the nobility and dignity of work as immediate goals of lhis life. (Petre Andrei)


  1. Distant Reiki Energy Healing Session – for BODY, MIND and SPIRIT– by Diana Maties

  2. 1-to-1 Transformational Coaching – with Seba Chi

  3. Reiki Healing – by Seba Chi

  4. Hypnotherapy and RegressionsĀ – with Dana Macea

  5. The Emotion Code Healingwith Alina Roman

  6. Genetic Keys Counseling – with Camelia Scheau

  7. Active Dream Coaching & Aromatherapy Counseling – with Ioana JibuĀ 

  8. Femininity and Relationship Coaching – with Adela Haru