Aurelian Burcu

Aurelian Burcu



1. Scientific Research – 32 years

2. Education, Coaching, Training: – 24 years     

a) Academic education: Courses, seminars, writing curriculum and teaching and auxiliary activities in academic (scientific and university) field: 19 curricula in 13 different domains: management, psychology, pedagogy, business, law, ecology, communications and public relations, sustainable development, public administration, taxonomy, sociology, economic entrepreneurship, methodology of scientific research.

b) Professional curricula and adult education field: Courses, trainings, workshops and development activities: 14 curricula in 9 fields: personal development, career management, social entrepreneurship, psychology, organizational engineering, human resources, communications, personal ergonomics, marketing.

3. Conducting / consulting/ coaching academic projects, studies and dissertations:           

a) development, innovation and scientific research projects: 19 years 

b) bachelor, master and doctorate works and papers: 18 years     



Counseling / designing/ planning / mentoring / coaching in the following areas:

  1. Economic and Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Education (designing and mentoring curriculum and academic programs, systematic and taxonomy, professional development, adult education, staff training in several professional fields – science, teaching, entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations, NGO management, law etc. – conducting/ auditing/ counseling of dissertations, doctoral research projects and papers)
  3. Human development & Quality of Life;
  4. Social Engineering and Community Development;
  5. Communication and Public Relations; Branding;
  6. Legal (business, government/ constitutional, public administration, environmental, NGO, social & economic entrepreneurship)
  7. Administrative and Secretarial;
  8. Strategic and Operational Management for individuals and their projects & objectives
  9. Self-Image Marketing;
  10. Commercial and Organizational Marketing, Organizational Image and Culture;
  11. Social assistance and support;
  12. Human Resources Management and Personnel Development in Organizations;
  13. Psychology, Personal/ Self- Development, Spirituality;
  14. Career Designing and Management; Management of Personal and Professional Success.



  1. Designing, start-up and/or development of organizations: more than 140 organizations in different areas of activity such as: politics, business, educational, scientific, cultural, ecology & sustainable development, community, professional, therapy, NGO, social entrepreneurship.
  2. Strategic management counselling, planning & designing: for organizations & programs/ projects, for public institutions, business organizations, NGO & community organizations, political parties, in following fields: cultural, scientific, educational, community, economic, politics



  1. Academic organizations/ institutions
  2. Cultural & spiritual organizations & programs
  3. Youth & student organizations
  4. Community organizations & programs
  5. Social entrepreneurship organizations & programs
  6. Business organizations & entrepreneurship



a) Coordinator & co-author of collective volumes

  • 16 volumes in various fields: business, law, economic & social entrepreneurship, management,

b) Coordination & Counseling editorial series

c) Promoting and publishing youth scientists

– Several dozen people (about 180) in about 250 publications, collectively or individually


F. AUTHORING – 23 years

a) academic books: – 25 volumes (as author or coauthor-coordinator)

b) professional materials: – 11 volumes (as author or coauthor-coordinator)

c) cultural creation: – 4 volumes (aphorisms, essays and poetry)

d) other writtings – 6 volumes 



a) Books from Spiritual Science field 

  1. Steps to The New Civilization of Terra:The Spiritual Mission Of Humanity And Romania In The Context Of Planetary Transformation
  2. Ontological Fundamentals of Paideia Education
  3. Psychology of Being
  4. Integrative Ecological Psychology of Personality
  5. The Pyramid of Fundamental Human Needs
  6. Foundamentals of Counseling in Management of Human Condition and High-Quality of Life
  7. The Center of Counseling in Management of Human Condition and High-Quality of Life
  8. The Training of Personell for Conuseling in Management ofHuman Condition and High-Quality of Life
  9. Fundamentals of Transdisciplinary Research
  10. Psychology of Transdisciplinary Research
  11. Transdisciplinary Research Management
  12. Universal Laws of Psychic System
  13. Social Mandate in Family Law and other sociological essays
  14. The Evolution of Economic Systems. An anthropological vision of the role of the economy in the progress of man and society
  15. The Inner Universe of Power

b) Academic and professional manuals (clasic stuff)

  1. Business Law
  2. Business Legal Techniques, Tools and Practices
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Management of Sustainable Development
  5. Incubators, Business Centers and other Support Structures for new ventures (start-up business)
  6. Introduction to Romanian law – Public Law
  7. Introduction to Romanian law – Private law
  8. Legal Business Associatiative Structures
  9. Methodology of Scientific Research in Economics; vol I: Fundamental Theory
  10. Methodology of Scientific Research in Economics; vol II: Dissertation development and presentation
  11. Methodology of Scientific Research in Economics; vol III: Metodological research skills development
  12. Professional Behavior: Etiquette and Communication
  13. Professional Training Course for Managers and Etrepreneurs: vol I: Fundamentals
  14. Professional Training Course for Managers and Etrepreneurs: vol II: Managerial Performance
  15. Professional Training Course for Managers and Etrepreneurs: Vol III: Managerial Experience
  16. Psychology and Performance of Manager
  17. Professional behavior. Etiquette and communication

c) Aphorisms and poetry

  1. In the Great Movement of Tthought
  2. Ode to The Women
  3. Delights of Being: Existential Poems
  4. Free Spirit: Reflections and Aphorisms

d) Colective volume coordinated

  1. Determinants of Quality of Life: Culture, Religion, Education, Business,Social and Human Values
  2. Community and Business Environment
  3. Fundamentals of Community Development: Education, Economy, Social Environement

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