Luminița Anamaria Comsuta

Few words about me and my soul project…

A perennial call of my soul, is the project of a Holistic Center, intended to be a gate open to all seekers of inner light, in order to soothe the being physically/mentally, energetically and emotionally, with the spiritual one and finally realizing the reconnection with the inner light, of the divine soul, through alternative, unconventional methods of therapy, which take over the being in the totality and complexity of its existential aspects.

After graduating Law studies, I have added throughout my life multiple researches in the field of holistic analysis of human existence, thus nourishing the permanent inner call to bring relief and support to souls in various forms of suffering.

Thus, I added to the basic professional qualification, that of Personal Development Counselor, Therapist through various techniques of Energy Therapy as Pranandi, Theta Healing, Shamanism, Yoga – in all its complexity, studies related to the emotional causes of diseases, as well as those on the influence of nutrition on well-being. human, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this context, a group of specialists for each specific field, whose activity and results in the respective therapeutic fields proved to be resounding, was happy to join it.

The human being exists and coexists harmoniously, only when its existential aspects are aligned, and to achieve this, it must be considered in an essential way, the interdependence of man with nature. Taking into account this aspect, the Center it’s supposed to be located in the middle of nature and in harmony with it, everything being done according to the principle of low impact on nature.


Luminita Anamaria Comsuta

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